HGH Injections Benefits And Side Effects Explained

What Is HGH And What Does It Do?

Human Growth Hormone therapy has been in use in the US for several decades now. Originally intended only for children with a pituitary gland that was not producing sufficient Human Growth Hormone for proper development, it has been found to be beneficial for adults as well. Continue reading “HGH Injections Benefits And Side Effects Explained”

The Health Benefits Of Systemic Enzymes

No more “Shooting Rubber Bands” at the Moon

By Aftab J. Ahmed, Ph.D.
TOTAL HEALTH, Volume 22 Number 2

After many fits and starts, systemic enzymes have come into their own. A recent contribution to this publication bears testimony to the fact that multifarious health benefits of system enzymes have at long last begun to be better appreciated. (1) The insights garnered over many decades of work have finally yielded the conceptual scaffold which explicates, at least in cursory detail, the role of systemic enzymes in human health and disease.
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