Detoxification Treatment Goals And Benefits

Homeopathy stimulates the body to “turn on” its own healing mechanisms in pursuit of restoring balance in body systems.

Toxic Terrain

Traditional medical training emphasizes patient assessment based upon signs and symptoms. Treatment is then aimed at the amelioration (improvement) of the symptomatology (symptom[s]). Unfortunately, like the allopathic (medical) approach, even alternative therapy sometimes does little more than suppress the ‘signals’ of the body.  Heavy nutritional dosing is acting at a pharmacological level (suppressing the symptoms) and may actually worsen the symptoms by driving the toxins deeper or by creating a ‘healing crisis’ which stresses an already stressed system.

Homeopathic MedicineIt is helpful to understand the underlying processes that bring about the body’s homeostatic regulatory actions (balancing actions). ‘Dis-ease’ is nothing more than the body’s homeostatic regulatory processes (balancing processes) at work. We must realize the disease process is a perfectly normal response to the internal environment of the body.

No matter what kind of testing is done, we must treat the process in a systematic way with goal-oriented metabolic shifts in mind.  Understanding ‘homotoxicological’ principles is valuable and describes the stages which the body’s homeostatic regulatory processes go through.

Humoral Level

Excretion Phase – This is the elimination phase in which the body, attempting to maintain homeostasis, will produce increased saliva and gastric juices, sweating, urination and increased bowel action to rid the body of toxins. Suggested treatment at this level would be a first aid symptomatic treatment approach consisting of nutritionals, botanicals and homeopathic combinations.

Reaction Phase – This is the acute phase in which there begins an energetic change when excretion is no longer possible. Endotoxins (produced internally through natural chemical reactions which leave toxic residues that are normally removed through body excretions) are being produced by the organism. The body then attempts to produce fever, inflammation, pain and pathological excretions:  vomiting, diarrhea, nasal discharges, and supportive discharges.  Suggested treatment at this level would be nutritionals, botanicals, homeopathic combinations and liquescence nutritives.

Deposition Phase – There is now a definite ‘energetic’ change and early organ ‘biochemical’ changes. Deposition in the intercellular areas and organ system tissues are affected. Benign entities begin showing aberrant tissue and system function (deviation from normal); kidney stones, gallstones, lipomas (fatty tumors), and scarring.  These are the compensatory mechanisms of the body. Suggested treatment at this level would be nutritionals and alkalizers, botanicals, homeopathic combinations, liquescence nutritive and liquescence global drainers.

Cellular Level

Impregnation Phase – Deposition occurs at the cellular level and cellular function is immediately affected. Energy production and transport systems are now compromised. Compensatory mechanisms (ability to make up for the lack of proper function) now fail.  Symptoms such as extreme fatigue and susceptibility to other stressors as evident manifesting as allergies, myalgias and neuropathies are now manifesting. NOTE: In viral infections, this is the initial phase since the virus invades at the cellular level.  Suggested treatment at this level would be nutritionals, alkalizers and antioxidants, oligotherapies, botanicals, homeopathic liquescence specific and global drainers, nosodes and xenobiotics.

Degeneration Phase – Structural changes occur in the cells and are associated with abnormal organ function and structure such as cirrhosis, arthrosis (joint degeneration), atrophy (wasting of tissues), and sclerosing (hardening of tissues) often seen in chronic degenerative conditions. Suggested treatment at this level would be nutritionals, specialties and antioxidant, oligotherapies, botanical supportives and alteratives, homeopathic liquescence specific drainers, nosodes and xenobiotics.

Neoplasm Phase – Abnormal genetic imprinting and reproduction of the cell’s structures and functions are evident. Malignant growth is now being formed and ultimately cellular and organ death. Suggested treatment at this level would be nutritionals, specialties and antioxidants, degeneration protocols, oligotherapies, botanical supportives and alteratives, homeopathic liquescence specific drainers, nosodes and xenobiotics.

Detoxification Protocols

The ‘obstacle to cure’ must be removed. An example of this would be if your lawn shows rust coloration, the probability is that it has a fungus. Treating the lawn with an antifungal spray will kill the fungus, but if nothing is done to improve the drainage or alter the amount of water used, fungal growth will shortly reappear. So, if a person works in a dimly lit area and suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and nothing is done to change the lighting, then he/she may need the medication or remedy forever or the day will come when it no longer helps. Therefore, alteration of the life-style and surroundings becomes increasingly important. Reversal of the above-mentioned degenerative changes begins with a very specific protocol. We must reverse the trend and return along the same path, ‘regressive vicariation’, that follows Hering’s guidelines to cure.  Hering’s guidelines suggest that healing occurs from above-down, inside-out and from the most immediate to the past. This may explain why some people, when detoxifying, will remark they haven’t had these symptoms (i.e., headaches) in years. It also explains why they return to the compensatory symptoms seen earlier in the disease process. We may call this “Recompensation”. Unfortunately, these healings are fraught with misunderstandings on the part of the person. They may feel worse and discontinue therapy too early and misplace blame.

It must acknowledged how much vital energy the person has and what their recuperative abilities are. A ‘healing crisis’ or
‘aggravation’ is typically a ‘healing crisis’ for the person and an aggravation to the clinician. Minimizing these early symptoms by proper management may save later suppressive therapy just to deal with the unpleasant ‘aggravation’ symptomatology. An analogy is to think of the person as someone who wishes to work for food. If you work them in the weakened state, you may be disappointed in the speed and quality of the work. On the other hand, if you feed them first and build their strength, they will perform better. Persons with low vital energy or chronicity of the condition will need longer to introduce the remedies which will affect a healing response. To appropriately elicit a ‘reverse vicariation’, it is
suggested to open the excretory pathways for 10 days to 3 weeks before introducing a nosode or xenobiotic that may stress their system. Person with good vital energy and conditions of recent onset can typically withstand more stress that may be brought on by the introduction of a nosode, xenobiotic or a botanical. To do this, there are some specific products and protocols to use.  However to get the best results you must do the following:

  1. Remove The Obstacles:  First, define and understand the problem.  Identifying and removing the “stressors” gets rid of the body’s need to compensate and adapt.  Remember that “disease” is a normal state of the body in the pursuit of homeostasis.  This understanding allows proper recognition of the pathways and goals to be accomplished.  Whether it means removing a food from the diet or physically removing one from an environment, the trigger must be removed.
  2. Improve Respiration:  Cellular function depends on the import and export of ionic particles which are converted to intracellular structures and energy production.  The reduction of the acid load on the body is vital to normalize cellular respiration and enhance proper function.  You need to provide the body with a buffering system in a ratio (pH balancers) to maintain proper cell potentials.  Microminerals assist in this process as well as improving the body’s available oxygen via exercise or other means.  Ionized trace minerals are used for the removal of toxins from binding sites and cellular membrane exchanges.  Other ways to increase cellular respiration is to utilize exercise, stimulate the autonomic nervous system (massage, skin brushing and contrast water therapy not to mention mobilization and mild exercise) and use specific products to enhance O2 uptake and mitochondrial function such as cellular oxygenaters and metabolic and antioxidant complexes.
  3. Strengthen To Cleanse:  Detoxifying can be stressful and not tolerated well by everyone.  Many people’s systems are too toxic and they will likely discontinue the detoxification process prematurely due to an aggravation and worsening of symptoms.  The use of botanicals and phytonutrients to stimulate with glandulars to tonify as well as general nutrition in the form of multivitamins and multiminerals to support is suggested as it strengthens the body systems to the point of being able to tolerate the detoxification process.
  4. Toxin Excretion:  Drainage of the organs must be improved once cellular respiration and function is reestablished.  Excretion of toxins in the intercellular regions are done via the kidneys, liver, blood, lungs, lymph, skin, and digestive tract.  Assisting these excretory systems is important to assure non-reabsorption of the toxins.  Without drainage, toxins will often dislodge from their binding sites and reattach elsewhere causing either an aggravation or new disease process.  Low potency homeopathics are used to prepare the body for toxin excretion, provide pharmacological effect and energetic stimulation.  In weakened individuals, it is suggested to wait approximately 7-10 days before continuing to Step 5.  Steps 1 through 4 may be performed at the same time, depending on the tolerance of the individual.  Symptomatic treatment may also be administered at this time.
  5. Drawing Out Toxins:  The immune system must recognize the toxins for it to mobilize the body’s mechanisms to excrete them.  It has been said that homeopathy provides a blueprint to the body.  this recognition can be accomplished via the use of homeopathic nosodes and xenobiotics.
  6. Restrengthening:  Toxin excretion can be considered a trauma by the body and therefore free-radical scavenging occurs.  Non-acidic sources of antioxidants such as A, C, E, Selenium with a neutral pH is important to protect against free radical effects.  Broad nutritional support and botanical stimulation as well as general glandular tonification are suggested.  Autonomic stimulation such as massage, skin brushing and contrast water therapy not to mention mobilization and mild exercise programs should be performed to rehabilitate the nervous system.
  7. Restore Function:  Stimulating and regenerating the previously stress organ(s) is vital and is done by the gradual elimination of glandular support replacing it with continuation of the appropriate nutritive and botanical alternatives or depuratives (purification).  Supportive nutrition, sarcodes (homeopathic organotherapy) and botanical alternatives should be continued for several months to alter the terrain and structure the body.
  8. Reinnoculation:  reestablishing proper flora and terrain is suggested but should be gradually done to avoid pathongenecity (producing disease) and assist adaptation by the body.  Preparing the gut first via homeopathic remedies is advised and then introducing floras and enzymes is important.  Continuing specific organ support with general nutrition such multivitamins, multiminerals and antioxidants as well as glandular support (if still required) is further suggested.
  9. Constitutional Support:  With the “Obstacles To Cure” now out of the way, we can concentrate on treating that which originally predisposed us to illness and their individual symptom profile manifestation.  Botanical alternatives are used long term and classical homeopathy can be considered at this time as well as miasmic formulas.

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