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We prepare this disclosure to be in full in compliance with the FTC’s policy requiring transparency about any affiliate relationships that may exist on this website. We ask that you, the visitor or customer, assume any and all links you come across on this site as affiliate links.

A cookie will be set in your web browser if you click on any of these links and are directed to another website. This will enable us earn a commission when you pay for a product or service on the other site. We have no reservation about telling you this because it is a legitimate means of monetizing websites and paying for their operation.

We also disclose fully that most hyperlinks you see on this site may be cloaked or shortened. This is to help deal with long, ugly links and for tracking purposes. Link cloaking, shortening and tracking are very common practices on websites. These do not indicate an attempt to conceal anything because we are not ashamed of the relationship we have with partner vendors as well as the products and services you come across on the site.

We should also make you aware that we do not collect cash or merchandise for any posts or reviews you see on our website. We have not been paid for them. But it is possible that our affiliate relationships may influence our posts and reviews, perhaps creating a conflict of interest.

The visitor or customer must decide whether there is a conflict of interest in the light of our affiliate relationships and link techniques already described. On our part, we do not think there is a conflict of interest.

It would be a pleasure if you buy any of the products or services we write about, with this possibly influencing our writing. However, we also make efforts to ensure that we only give our honest opinions, beliefs, findings or experiences on topics or products that we write about or promote.

Occasionally, some vendors pay for advertising on our website. Ads may be in form of hyperlinks, banners or widgets. These are paid advertisements. We are not responsible for testimonials or claims made in such, although we do what we can to ensure only excellent products and services are promoted to users on our site.

You can find below a more legally worded version of the same information we presented above.

In accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (16 CFR Part 255), this policy aims to make known any compensatory relationship between the owner of this website and affiliate networks, such as Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale and Google, or any vendors these may represent and that the site owner has an affiliate relationship with.

If you have any questions regarding this site, please send an email to admin@naturalhealthdoc.net

This website may accept different forms of affiliate compensation, including cash, paid insertions or sponsorships, from time to time. Such compensation may or may not have any influence on topics, posts or advertising content on the site. All content is not prepared for the primary aim of receiving compensation. Posts, content or advertising space may not always be indicated as sponsored or paid.

The website owner(s) receives compensation from different affiliate programs. Some content features opinions on diverse topics, products, services and programs. We always present our honest opinions, beliefs, findings or experiences on the different topics and products despite the affiliate compensation the owner(s) may get for reviews or advertisements.

Opinions and views expressed on this website are entirely those of naturalhealthdoc.net. Claims, quotes, statistics or other representations should be verified with the appropriate party, including service providers and manufacturers.

Some content on this website may or may not portray a conflict of interest. Posting techniques may not make such content easy to identify at once. Attempts will be made to distinguish advertising from regular content when possible.

How Affiliates Make Money

Affiliate marketing is a popular means of making some extra income. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but one that requires hard work and dedication. It takes most affiliates at least a year of hard work to make this their main source of income.

Whenever a merchant is joining an affiliate network, it decides how much it is willing to pay in commission to affiliates. The commission per sale (CPS) format is the most popular form of commission structure.

The level of competition differs between markets. Affiliates have opportunity of earning higher commissions in highly competitive markets than the less competitive ones.

How to Recognize an Affiliate Website

Each affiliate has a special link that is provided by an affiliate network. This is what such will use to refer visitors from their website or blog to the website of a merchant.

You may be able to detect the URLs of an affiliate website by hovering your mouse over text links or banners. This way, you can see whether they link directly to a merchant’s site or via an affiliate link.

What Difference Does Visiting an Affiliate Site Make to You?

When you click on an affiliate’s link, you are directed to the website of a merchant. You will be taken to the same page you would see if you visited the other site directly.

This means visiting a merchant’s website via the link of an affiliate makes practically no difference for the visitor or costumer. You will still be able to pay the same price for whatever products or services you buy.

Our affiliates work in accordance with best practices we have established. We ensure there is a very high degree of consumer transparency.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel one of our affiliates is trying to mislead you.

Product Affiliate Links

A percentage of the sale or some other form of compensation comes to us when you click on our affiliate link and buy a product from a merchant. You will not pay a higher price by buying through these affiliate links. They are also not paid per click (PPC) links..

Sponsored Content

We are sorry to state that we do not prepare sponsored posts. This is because we desire to be unbiased and dependable with the information we provide to our users.

However, we can publish sponsored content by a company on this website when approached about such. This will be clearly disclosed at the top of such content.

We basically write about products that we use or would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends. The purchases you make help us to continue producing valuable content. We appreciate your support. Thank you!