HGH Benefits: A Comprehensive List

 The Human Growth Hormone, commonly known as HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. It is produced naturally in the pituitary glands and it facilitates the growth of cells as well as their regeneration. It also has a major role to play in the growth of muscles and can increase the density of the bones. When you consider these vital parts of the body, it is clear that HGH is critical in the human body. When there is a deficiency of this hormone, the tissues in the brain, as well as those of all other organs are unable to remain healthy.HGH Results

When this hormone is released, it only remains in the blood for a few minutes, giving it just enough time to get converted in the liver for its growth properties. Only small amounts are produced in both males and females, so if you want to get more desirable results with muscle growth, as well as enjoy all its other benefits, you need to boost the production of this hormone.

The Major Benefits You Get From HGH

Once you boost the production of this hormone, there are a host of benefits that you will begin to experience. These include: –

  1. Muscle Growth

This is the primary benefit of using HGH, and has led to the increasing popularity of this hormone. Considering the importance of body muscles, especially for locomotion, balance, support and posture, it is understandable that you want to ensure they are operating at their peak, and that they grow sufficiently. When your muscles are out of shape, it becomes impossible to live a normal life.

Just as you would expect from moving parts, your muscles will also go through wear and tear, meaning that they need rejuvenation after a while. However, people differ in how much strength that they need on a daily basis. For instance, athletes and sports people require more strength each day, because their activities place more strain on their muscles that an ordinary person. To get this strength, they need to grow their muscles, and build them up so that they are stronger.

The small amount of HGH that the typical person produces will not be enough to give an adequate amount of strength to any athlete or sports person. That is why a boost may be required, so that the body is able to produce more HGH for both muscle strength and growth.

The typical person also needs a good amount of HGH production to function on a daily basis. HGH in a slightly higher dose than what the body naturally produces can also help with the creation of new muscle cells.

  1. Lower Body Fat

There are millions of people struggling each day with excess body weight, and this may occur because their muscles have not been adequately developed. This is because there are fat deposits in place of their muscles. Several things occur when you introduce higher levels of HGH to the body, particularly to these excess fat deposits.

To begin with the body finds it difficult to handle the changes in hormone levels, and during this period, the fat deposits are depleted. In the process, you can begin to build your muscles so that as they grow, there is less need for body fat. The more your muscles grow and develop, the more the body burns out excess fat, which automatically leads to the loss of excess weight.

  1. Increase your Energy and Endurance

In addition to the loss of weight, your levels of energy will also increase when you have more HGH in your bloodstream. More energy means that you become more active, which makes it even easier for you to lose more weight and live a healthier lifestyle. This is a change that you will see within at least 30 days.

There is so much that you can accomplish with increased energy, including increasing physical activity, better cardio-vascular functioning for heightened memory retention and more endurance for a whole host of other activities.

  1. Reverse Aging Process

HGH is also said to reverse the aging process! Think about a time when you looked your very best. Most people look amazing when they go through puberty, as that is the time that their bodies have the highest levels of HGH. These levels decline as you get older, so if you want to retain a youthful and fresh face, you should find a way to maintain these high levels. In a world where no one really wants to look their age, having a natural option such as a hormone that your body can naturally create is an excellent option.

This is possible as HGH helps tissues regenerate, so that organs do not shrink the older one becomes. This HGH benefit keeps them operating at their optimum, and helps you to look younger for longer. Added to this benefit, you can improve your immune system to ward of illnesses that could accelerate the aging process.

  1. Even more anti-aging benefits

Your skin becomes much thinner as you age, and HGH has been proven to increase the thickness of your skin. The anti-aging effects of this include a change in the texture of your skin, and increased elasticity of the skin. In fact, a study revealed that more than half (61%) of 200 people who were given HGH had fewer wrinkles in just a few weeks, and their fine lines completely vanished.

The body also gets excellent rest as you can sleep much more deeply with HGH in your system. Now, there are those who believe it as the main anti-aging element in the world. However, the evidence to fully support this notion still needs to be built upon, though numerous people have attested to its ability to help them regain their youthfulness and vitality.

Other important Benefits of HGH in the body

  • It increases the retention of calcium in the body, which helps in increased mineralization of the bones
  • It reduces the uptake of glucose by the liver
  • It does wonders for your sex life by increasing your libido
  • It stimulates the growth of all internal organs, which includes the most vital organs like the brain

Increasing HGH Naturally

Human Growth Hormone is most active when people are going through puberty, after which its production in the body decreases. Some people suffer from HGH deficiency and in such a case, they may not be getting the full benefits that the hormone is able to provide for them. If by any chance you want to increase your HGH production for any, all or more of the above mentioned benefits, there are numerous natural options that you can explore, which are both safe and easy. You could try the following:

  1. Exercising

Exercising at least 30-60 minutes, 6-7 days a week is a sure way to increase your HGH production. Any intense physical activity is a sure way to increase the production of the hormone in the body.

  1. REM sleep

This is the deepest phase of sleep. Ensure that you are sleeping for at least 7-9 hours every night so that you easily attain deep sleep. You can also benefit by having a nap during the day, say for example one hour in the afternoons. This will help you remain relaxed enough at night to lengthen your period of REM sleep.

  1. Proper diet

Eat Right, and Eat the Right Amounts. The benefit here is an increase in HGH production. To achieve this, eat more fruits and vegetables every day, as well as lean meats, fowl and fish. You have to cut back on processed foods, smoking and alcohol though. In addition to this, ensure that you are free of stress as this could inhibit the production of this important hormone.

Other Ways to Boost Your HGH Production

If you have HGH deficiency, doctors can recommend HGH supplements that will help you boost the little amount that your body is producing. If you feel that your HGH is not sufficient, maybe it could be time to visit a doctor to find out what your best supplement options may be.

Is HGH Safe

This should be your major concern at this stage. The safety of HGH has been debated upon for a long time and many people are skeptical about whether to use the available supplements in the market or not and their effects on their bodies. Considering the fact that the hormone is produced naturally, it can be said to be a safe hormone with no major side effects. As long as you are using HGH injections in moderation with the guidance of your doctor, you should not have to worry about its safety and effects on your being.

Excess HGH Production

In as much as HGH production is essential for muscles and organs, and considering all the benefits the hormone has to offer, an excess in the production of the hormone can occur. Pituitary tumor is one of the most common diseases that have been associated with excess production of the hormone. As a result, one experiences headaches, visual impairments, deficiency of other vital pituitary hormones though displacement among other effects. That is why you need to know your limits so as to get the benefits and results that you are seeking to attain.


Now you understand what HGH can do for you, especially if you have gone through a period where you felt that your body is not growing the way that it should. This means that you require to grow your muscles, and HGH is an excellent and safe option.

You may also want to look younger, or be dealing with a deficiency in HGH. A recommendation from your doctor will give you access to methods to increase this hormone, and you will see the wonderful way that it can be of benefit to you.

It is definitely worth considering increasing the amounts of HGH that your body produces for a host of benefits. What you should do is to take time to learn more about the hormone, its benefits, effects and usage then you can decide for yourself if it is right for you or not.

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