HGH Injections Benefits And Side Effects Explained

What Is HGH And What Does It Do?

Human Growth Hormone therapy has been in use in the US for several decades now. Originally intended only for children with a pituitary gland that was not producing sufficient Human Growth Hormone for proper development, it has been found to be beneficial for adults as well.

HGH Deficiency In adults Symptoms

HGH Injections
HGH Injections

In adults, lowered levels of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH can cause problems controlling weight, loss in bone density and muscle mass, reduced libido and sex drive, and a loss of energy.

HGH is also an important element in cellular repair and healing.

HGH is prevalent in our system when we are young. As children, it is important for regulating the growth process. As teens and young adults, it encourages the development of strong bones and lean muscles.

HGH Levels Drop With Aging

But as we age, our ability to generate this hormone decreases, and some of these benefits go away with it. As a result, many have been trying to use HGH injections to offset the effects of aging and recapture the vigor of youth. Many high profile celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone regularly used HGH injections to keep themselves looking young and to maintain a younger man’s physique.


HGH injections are made of somatropin an exact replica of Human Growth Hormones and produces effects identical to the naturally occurring hormone. These injections can only be acquired legally with a prescription.

Since HGH encourages the development of muscle tissue, it is considered by many to be a performance enhancing drug and HGH use is banned from nearly all organized sports.

HGH Side Effects And Risks

HGH is not a steroid, and does not have the same specific dangerous side effects, but use of HGH injections is not without risk.

One side effect that, while not specifically life threatening, is called Acromegaly, where the bones in the hands, feet and face are enlarged, causing a slight disfigurement. This condition is often coupled with an increase in body hair, which can also be an unsightly nuisance.

Water retention can also be a result of elevated HGH levels. This can lead to skin lesions and other issues.

The ability of HGH to stimulate cellular growth can also result in enlarged organs. This is particularly a problem with the heart and can lead to heart failure.

Liver damage has also been related to the use of HGH injections. Since the liver is a filter for the blood, excess chemicals of any kind can impact its function and longevity over time.

Some joint issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome, can be traced to HGH injections.

Gynecomastia another largely cosmetic side effect is the enlargement of breast tissue in men.

HGH And Cancer

The single biggest concern for many health experts is one that has not been fully documented as yet. That is the potential relationship between the effects of HGH and cancer.

Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled growth of cells within living tissue. Since HGH promotes the production of cells, some medical experts fear that a system with high HGH levels will be more prone to developing cancer than one where the levels have been allowed to drop naturally over time.

Some experts claim that this loss of HGH in the system is normal and beneficial, and is meant to combat the onset of cancer in later life.

Cancer is caused, in many cases, by the effects of cellular damage over a person’s life time. Exposure to irritants, pollutants and other carcinogenic elements will, in time, begin to form cancerous cells.

In a normal, healthy body, hundreds of cancer cells are produced each day, and in most cases, the body’s normal immune system destroys them before they can cause a problem. The concern is that with heightened HGH levels encouraging cellular growth, that these cancers will become more aggressive and quickly develop beyond the scope of the immune system.



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