The Health Benefits Of Systemic Enzymes

No more “Shooting Rubber Bands” at the Moon

By Aftab J. Ahmed, Ph.D.
TOTAL HEALTH, Volume 22 Number 2

After many fits and starts, systemic enzymes have come into their own. A recent contribution to this publication bears testimony to the fact that multifarious health benefits of system enzymes have at long last begun to be better appreciated. (1) The insights garnered over many decades of work have finally yielded the conceptual scaffold which explicates, at least in cursory detail, the role of systemic enzymes in human health and disease.
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Garlic: What Are Its Health Benefits?

Garlic Health Is In The Smell

Garlic contains several substances that when mixed together correctly form a powerful healing compound call allicin. Not only does allicin have therapeutic value, it is also the substance in garlic that is responsible for the smell and flavor – it’s made out of sulfur. Very freshly sliced garlic has no odor because the allicin has not yet been formed. Only when it’s two precursors, the amino acid “allin” and the enzyme “allinase”, combine through contact after crushing or chewing does allicin appear. The reason that very old or well-cooked garlic has no flavor, and hence no allicin, is because the compound is also very volatile – heat and oxygen destroy it. Thus, proper processing is critical in the production of a garlic supplement. Continue reading “Garlic: What Are Its Health Benefits?”

Hahnemann And Miasms Explained

What Are Miasms?

Miasms are disease-producing dynamic factors. They manifest in many ways from the subtle to the profound dependent upon individual genome (genetic) expression

Dr. Samuel HahnemannDiagnosing and treating the acute disease is much easier than properly assessing chronic disease and selecting the appropriate approach. Often a true approach in chronic disease is missed and suppressive or palliative (serving to relieve without cure) treatment is rendered. Continue reading “Hahnemann And Miasms Explained”

Benefits of Yohimbe You May Not Know About

What You Need to Know About Yohimbe

Yohimbe has long been used in Africa for its medicinal properties before many people became aware of it in the West. It offers a variety of health benefits. The efficacy is not just based on hearsay, but it is something that has been proven by some researchers. Continue reading “Benefits of Yohimbe You May Not Know About”

Iodine: Why It Is Important And How To Get It In Your Diet?

Iodine Facts

Iodine An Important MicronutrientIodine, discovered in 1811, is a trace element and an essential micronutrient. (1) Approximately 80 percent of the body’s iodine content is found in the thyroid gland, where its sole purpose is to form a significant portion of two important hormones that greatly affect the body’s rate of metabolism and regulate normal growth and development. While the total quality of iodine needed in an entire lifetime is little more than a teaspoon, iodine cannot be stored and must be ingested regularly to support thyroid hormone production. Because very small amount of iodine are needed on a regular basis to prevent irreversible conditions caused by iodine deficiency, table salt is iodized to help supplement dietary intake.* (2) Continue reading “Iodine: Why It Is Important And How To Get It In Your Diet?”

Calcium and Magnesium: All You Need To know

Calcium is an alkaline earth metal element and the fifth most plentiful element in the human body, residing mainly in the bones. The body needs calcium ions to:

  • Transmit nerve impulses
  • Contract muscles
  • Clot blood
  • Carry out certain cardiac functions, and
  • Facilitate a number of other physiological processes

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An Introduction To Homeopathy

Homeopathy stimulates the body to “turn on” its own healing mechanisms in pursuit of restoring balance in body systems

Homeopathic medicine has been used since its beginning in the eighteenth century. Homeopathy stimulates the body to “turn on” it own healing mechanisms in pursuit of restoring homeostatasis or balance. Allopathic medicine treats disease by the suppression and regulation of symptoms or by attempting to destroy the microbes (disease entities) associated with the condition. Continue reading “HOMEOPATHY – WHAT IS IT”

A Brief Overview Of The Gastrointestinal System

In order to heal or restore your body, it is important to make some very important nutritional changes. These alterations in your diet will be helping your body to cleanse away toxins, heal damaged or compromised tissues, restore normal functioning of your vital gastrointestinal mucosa and enzymes and facilitate the action of the nutritional supplements, homeopathic, etc., that have been recommended for you. Your understanding, willingness, and commitment to make these changes will be important keys in helping you to create health and well-being. Continue reading “A Brief Overview Of The Gastrointestinal System”