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Your health as it relates to the vitamins and minerals you purchase and consume is vital, you cannot afford to miss reading the following articles:

As I furthered my research  into the “quality of vitamins and minerals and how they relate to our health”, one direction was into Dr. Royal Lee’s (he established what is now known as Standard Process in the early 1929) work.  I discovered, to my delight, that Dr. Lee was greatly aware of this vitamin and mineral health issue and how it relates to our health today even in the early 1900s.  Today, the vitamins and minerals issue is being addressed by many authors as it relates to the important subject of our health and the quality in the vitamins and minerals we consume and how that relates to supporting our health levels.

I have found when comparing vitamins and minerals in my practice; synthetic and/or fractured-food-component vitamins and minerals – to – whole-food-complex, cold processed vitamins and minerals there really is NO comparison.  I totally agree with the authors of the articles below on the quality of vitamins and minerals and the health issues we face today in trying to select the best vitamins and minerals to fulfill our health needs.

Below, I have given you several health oriented articles relating to our health and the difference between synthetic and/or fractured-food vitamins and minerals and how they stand up to the whole-food-complex vitamins and minerals to get you started on this subject. These health related articles were written by different authors given us an idea of the great differences in these vitamins and minerals and how it relates to our health levels, health problems and our ability to recover from the health issues we face today.

SYNTHETIC VS NATURAL VITAMINSYour health can be directly related to your understanding of the vitamins and minerals controversy I shared with you above.  You don’t want to miss reading this article, however, it has several charts so the load time is slow – your patience in waiting for it to be loaded will be greatly rewarded.
THE SPECIAL NUTRITIONAL QUALITIES OF NATURAL FOODS I could say “ditto here – the above comment applies to this article also, however, the download time is even longer”, but to be honest, I want you to have the most informative articles available on this health, vitamin mineral issue.  In order to do that, it requires comparisons which comes in the form of charts, etc.  You can’t miss reading this article if you are at my site to determine why you must seriously consider natural, whole-food vitamins minerals supplements.
THE TRUTH ABOUT MINERALS IN SUPPLEMENTThis article is the “biggy” on explaining what you are getting in the vitamin minerals found in supplements that are not truly from whole-food sources.  You must read this one!  It was quite shocking to me and I sure it will be for you as well!
WHAT IS A VITAMINBet you didn’t know this – I didn’t when I started learn about vitamins and mineral and what they were and why.  This one is actually a very short download.
LAWS OF NATURE – This is short fact sheet give you an idea of what your body is made up of and what its needs are.

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